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Technical Training Services

Additive 3D technologies offer an entirely new universe of possibilities for designers. Eliminate 90% of the limitations of existing conventional technologies, but also bring with them new design features, 3D printing and the need to know the steps of the 3D printing process itself.

That is why we, the team of Industrial 3D Technologies Ltd., not only offer machines and consumables for them, but we have taken care of acquiring the high technology equipment, you our clients, to get the chance to learn the insights into the use of these technologies.

That’s why we’ve built an active science and manufacturing center where real-life industrial machines are being built to produce real industry details. Here we can conduct specialized training in different directions and aspects of industrial additive production.

Offered trainings:

  • Using specialized 3D printing software;
  • Characteristics of the design of parts for Additive production;
  • Operation, setup and servicing of the offered machines;
  • Properties of Additive Production Materials;
  • Postprocessing of details produced with Additive Technologies;
  • 3D scanning, processing and reverse engineering;
  • Other according to the specific needs of the client.


BG 6000 Stara Zagora, Koljo Ganchev Str. 107


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+359 (0) 42 661 000